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Clever Hacks for Adding Extra Storage in Kitchen Cabinets

Clever Hacks for Adding Extra Storage in Kitchen Cabinets



When it comes to kitchen organization, finding clever hacks for adding extra storage in kitchen cabinets can make a world of difference. Maximizing the space in your cabinets can help you declutter your kitchen and keep it organized. In this article, we’ll explore ten of the most frequently asked questions about adding extra storage to your kitchen cabinets and provide practical solutions for each.


1. How can I make the most of my cabinet shelves?

One of the simplest ways to maximize cabinet shelf space is by adding shelf organizers. These are often adjustable and can help you make better use of vertical space. Additionally, consider using stacking shelves or risers to create extra layers of storage within your cabinets.

Another clever trick is to install pull-out shelves or slide-out baskets, which make it easier to access items stored at the back of deep cabinets. Utilize the full height of your cabinets with stackable containers or bins, ensuring no space goes to waste.

2. What can I do to organize my pots and pans better?

To efficiently store pots and pans, install a pot rack or pegboard on the inside of a cabinet door. This keeps them easily accessible and frees up valuable cabinet space. You can also use dividers or pan organizers to stack and separate your cookware neatly.

Consider investing in cookware with nesting capabilities to save space. And don’t forget to utilize the space underneath your cabinets by installing hooks or a pull-out drawer for hanging pots and pans.

3. How can I keep my pantry items organized in the cabinet?

To keep pantry items like canned goods and spices organized, use clear containers and label them for easy identification. Lazy Susans are great for corner cabinets, allowing you to access items without reaching deep into the cabinet.

For spices, use a spice rack or magnetic spice containers that can be stuck to the inside of the cabinet door. This not only saves space but also keeps your spices within arm’s reach.

4. What’s the best way to store small kitchen appliances?

Small appliances like blenders, toasters, and coffee makers can clutter your countertops. To free up space, consider using appliance garages or pull-out shelves designed specifically for small appliances. These hide your appliances when not in use while keeping them easily accessible.

If your cabinets allow, dedicate a specific cabinet with built-in outlets for your appliances. This way, you can keep them plugged in and ready to use without the clutter.

5. How can I make use of the cabinet doors for storage?

Cabinet doors offer excellent opportunities for extra storage. Attach adhesive hooks or over-the-door organizers to hang items such as cleaning supplies, measuring cups, or pot lids. You can also install a corkboard or magnetic board to keep recipes, shopping lists, or kitchen tools handy.

6. What should I do with awkward corner cabinets?

Corner cabinets can be challenging to access efficiently. Install pull-out or rotating shelves, also known as lazy Susans, to make the most of these spaces. Alternatively, consider diagonal drawers or pull-out wire baskets designed specifically for corner cabinets.

7. How can I organize my glassware and dishes?

Use stackable dish racks or adjustable dividers to separate and organize your glassware and dishes. Consider installing pull-out drawers or shelves for easy access to your dishes. To protect your glassware, use soft shelf liners or dividers.

8. What’s the best way to store cutting boards and baking sheets?

To store cutting boards and baking sheets, use vertical dividers or racks. These can be installed directly in your cabinets or mounted on cabinet doors. Magnetic strips are also a practical option for storing metal baking sheets and knives on the inside of cabinet doors.

9. How can I organize my food storage containers?

Food storage containers can quickly become a chaotic mess. Use drawer dividers or pull-out drawers to create a dedicated space for containers and lids. Opt for stackable containers to save space, and consider investing in airtight containers to keep food fresh longer.

10. What can I do to optimize deep cabinets?

Deep cabinets often lead to items getting lost at the back. Install pull-out shelves, roll-out trays, or pull-out baskets to make these cabinets more accessible. Use clear storage bins to keep items organized and visible, preventing forgotten items from languishing in the depths of your cabinets.

In conclusion, these clever hacks for adding extra storage in kitchen cabinets can help you transform your kitchen into an organized and efficient space. By implementing these solutions, you’ll not only declutter your cabinets but also make your cooking and meal prep a more enjoyable experience.

11. How can I store my spices efficiently?

Storing spices efficiently is crucial for easy access while cooking. Consider installing a pull-out spice rack inside your cabinet. These racks come in various sizes and can hold a significant number of spice jars. Label your spice jars clearly, and organize them alphabetically or by type for quick identification.

Magnetic spice containers with clear lids are another fantastic option. You can adhere them to the inside of cabinet doors or the refrigerator for easy access and visibility.

12. What about under-sink storage?

Under-sink cabinets often become cluttered with cleaning supplies and household essentials. To optimize this space, use stackable bins or clear containers to group similar items together. Install a tension rod inside the cabinet to hang cleaning spray bottles by their triggers, creating extra shelf space below.

Consider using pull-out drawers or shelves designed for under-sink storage. These specialized organizers can make the most of vertical space and keep everything within reach.

13. How can I keep my utensils and cutlery organized?

For utensils and cutlery, a well-organized drawer is essential. Use drawer dividers to create dedicated sections for forks, knives, spoons, and other utensils. Consider utilizing bamboo or expandable organizers that can adjust to fit your drawer’s size.

If drawer space is limited, you can also install utensil holders inside cabinet doors or on the backsplash. This keeps your utensils within easy reach while freeing up drawer space for other kitchen tools.

14. What’s the best way to store baking supplies?

Baking supplies like flour, sugar, and baking powder can take up a lot of cabinet space. To maximize storage, use airtight containers to keep these ingredients fresh and organized. Label the containers with the expiration dates to ensure you use fresh ingredients for your baking endeavors.

Consider installing pull-out wire baskets or shelves for your baking sheets, pans, and mixing bowls. This makes it convenient to access these items when you’re ready to bake.

15. How can I organize my Tupperware and food storage containers?

Tupperware and food storage containers often create chaos in cabinets. To keep them organized, designate a specific cabinet for these items and use clear storage bins or baskets to corral containers and lids. Match containers with their respective lids and stack them neatly to save space.

Consider a pull-out drawer system specifically designed for food storage containers. These systems come with adjustable dividers and can accommodate various container sizes.


Maximizing storage space in your kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these clever hacks and organization solutions, you can transform your kitchen into an efficient and clutter-free space. Whether it’s creating custom storage for spices, pots, pans, or food storage containers, there are plenty of options to suit your needs and preferences.

By implementing these strategies, you’ll not only make the most of your cabinet space but also streamline your daily cooking and meal preparation routines. So, get creative, start organizing, and enjoy the benefits of a well-organized kitchen that makes your life easier and more enjoyable.

16. How can I make use of the cabinet corners effectively?

Corner cabinets can be tricky to utilize efficiently, but there are solutions. Lazy Susans, both half-moon and full-round styles, work wonders for corner cabinets. They allow you to access items stored in the corners without rummaging through the back of the cabinet.

Another option is to install pull-out shelves or drawers with a diagonal design, making use of the awkward corner space. These solutions ensure that no corner space goes to waste.

17. What’s the best way to store bulky kitchen appliances?

Bulky kitchen appliances like stand mixers and blenders can be challenging to store due to their size and weight. To free up countertop space, consider installing a pull-up shelf or a lift-up cabinet door. These mechanisms allow you to easily access and store heavy appliances without straining your back.

Alternatively, you can create a designated appliance garage with built-in outlets to keep your appliances plugged in and ready for use while hidden away when not needed.

18. How can I organize my bakeware and baking sheets?

Bakeware and baking sheets often clutter cabinets. To keep them organized, install vertical dividers or wire racks specifically designed for baking sheets and pans. This keeps them upright and easy to access.

For muffin tins, baking molds, and cookie cutters, consider using clear storage bins with labels. Stackable bins allow you to group similar items together, making it easy to find what you need.

19. What should I do with my kitchen linens?

Kitchen linens like dish towels, aprons, and oven mitts can take up valuable drawer space. Utilize the inside of cabinet doors by installing hooks or towel racks. This provides a convenient spot to hang your linens, keeping them easily accessible.

Consider using drawer dividers or baskets to organize your linens within the cabinets, separating different types of linens for efficient use.

20. How can I add storage to a small kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen, every inch of storage space matters. Use wall-mounted shelves or pegboards to store pots, pans, and utensils. Magnetic strips on the backsplash can hold knives and small metal kitchen tools.

You can also consider adding a rolling kitchen cart or island with shelves and drawers. This provides additional storage and workspace that can be easily moved when needed.


Creating extra storage space in your kitchen cabinets is a rewarding project that can make your daily kitchen activities more efficient and enjoyable. Whether you have a spacious kitchen or a compact one, these clever hacks and organization ideas can help you make the most of your cabinet space.

By implementing these storage solutions, you’ll not only declutter your kitchen but also improve its functionality. With a well-organized kitchen, you’ll find cooking, baking, and meal preparation to be more convenient and enjoyable than ever before. So, roll up your sleeves and start implementing these clever storage hacks to transform your kitchen cabinets into an organized and efficient space.

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